Right & Actual Appraisal
Reliable Investment Consultancy

  • Lands and Plots
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Special Purpose Properties
  • Properties Under Construction
  • Real Estate-Related Rights and Interests
  • Urban Transformation Projects
For detailed information
  •     Determination and valuation of the current situation of the real estate
  •        Determination of the value of the real estate at the end of the project
  •        Goodwill of independent units
  •        Presentation of valuation reports based on the settlement policy between rights holders and the   investor
For detailed information
  • Energy Plants Appraisal
  • Industry / Hotel / Manufacturing machinery and equipment valuation
  • Port, Storage and Loading Plant Machinery and Equipment valuation
  • Cement Plants Appraisal
  • Machinery and Facility Appraisal
For detailed information
  • Determining the availability of the real estate for zoning peace,
  • Technical analysis of real estate (measurements and determinations),
  • Application for building registration certificate via e-government,
For detailed information
  • Analysis of the urban transformation area
  • Valuation of the rights of ownership
  • Preparing urban design projects and feasibility reports
  • Doing reconciliation interviews with the rights holders
For detailed information
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Pre-Investment Phase
  • Investment Phase
  • Operation Phase
For detailed information
  • Market, Sector and Region Researches
  • Tender Process
  • Tender and Auction Base value analysis
For detailed information
  • Construction Project Level Detection
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Goodwill and Price Analysis
  • Region and Competitor Project Analysis
  • Conformity Control in Architectural Concept
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